Los Angeles, California
January 30, 2013

Athletes, Drug Testing, and Deer Antler – The Real Story

The sporting media is up in antlers with reports that allege Ray Lewis used a deer antler spray in his injury comeback.  The questions as to whether deer antler is banned and whether its use could lead to a doping violation are indeed complex.  We felt it was time to peel back the velvet to answer those questions and review the facts on deer antler.

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Los Angeles, California
January 18, 2013

Catlin response to the Lance Armstrong Confession…

The Monetary Gap - One Reason for the Lance Armstrong Affair

"Those who want to dope can afford to beat the system; at present the monetary gap is simply too great for the system to overcome."

Read the full piece here or go to The Catlin Perspective

Founded by renowned anti-doping guru Dr. Don Catlin and colleagues, Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) offers industry-leading dietary supplement certification and testing services to product manufacturers and raw material suppliers.   Products that are BSCG Certified Drug Free™ for Elite Athletes & Professionals have been certified to be free of banned substances above established thresholds minimizing drug testing risks for athletes and other elite professionals and safety concerns for general consumers.  Look for the BSCG logo and our new Certified Drug Free seal on product packaging and visit our Certified Products page for participating companies and products.  We also offer similar protection to individual athletes or teams through our Athlete Assurance Program.  Please contact us for more details at info@bscg.org.

Supplement testing is complicated – BSCG goes the extra mile

  • ALL batches are tested in order for a product to be certified by BSCG
  • No certified products have ever been involved with a positive drug test
  • Proprietary custom developed and proven extraction methods set BSCG apart and ensure the ability to detect all drugs in the testing menu
BSCG Gold Seal
  • Testing menu includes anabolic agents, stimulants and cannabinoids with beta 2 agonists and diuretics/masking agents included at BSCG discretion.
  • BSCG validates analytical method performance in every product not just in representative sample mediums
  • Industry leading detection levels, 10 ng/g for most compounds in most product formulas
  • Ongoing development adds new ‘designer’ drugs to the menu as they appear
  • Tests conducted at BSCG’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory using mass spectrometry analysis

The Catlin Consortium

In the world of sports, the name Catlin has long been regarded as the gold standard in analytical testing, research and consulting related to banned substances.  Today the Catlin team remains dedicated to that core focus but has also adapted its unique expertise to providing quality services in the fields of health and fitness and general toxicology.

The Catlin Consortium is a well-regarded group of organizations dedicated to ensuring the safety of products for consumers, patients and competitors, as well as clean competing environments for athletes.  Founded by longtime anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., and his son Oliver Catlin and colleagues, the Catlin Consortium is comprised of three organizations: the nonprofit/NGO Anti-Doping Research, Inc. and the companies Anti-Doping Sciences Institute and Banned Substances Control Group. For more about The Catlin Consortium, visit its new website at catlinconsortium.com.

Banned Substances Control GroupBanned Substances Control Group (BSCG) offers industry-leading dietary supplement certification programs and testing services to product manufacturers, retailers, raw material suppliers, and individual athletes.  Consumers and clients who use BSCG-certified products can rest assured that they contain no contaminants or banned substances above established thresholds, minimizing safety concerns and drug testing risks associated with such products.  For more about BSCG, click here.

Anti-Doping Sciences Institute Anti-Doping Sciences Institute (ADSI) is a leading provider of analytical testing and consulting services relating to the use of performance-enhancing drugs and to the toxicology of mass-market products.  The company designs and conducts state-of-the-art drug testing programs, performs custom analytical projects, and provides expert consulting to clients in a wide range of fields. For more about ADSI, , visit its website at antidopingsciences.org.

Anti-Doping Research Anti-Doping Research, Inc. (ADR) is a world-class center of analytical excellence and knowledge.  A 501c3 public charity, ADR utilizes research, analytical services and education to identify dangerous and banned substances wherever they may be found and help halt their use.  ADR’s ISO 17025-accredited laboratory provides the analytical foundation for the consortium. For more about ADR, visit its website at antidopingresearch.org.

Detection of banned substances is a highly

intricate science that should be carried out only by laboratories experienced in doping detection methods and research.

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